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Xploderz Savage Shield

Outblast and outlast the competition with the Xploderz FireStorm Series. Change the way you battle forever with the new Xploderz Savage Shield blaster. Activate the built-in protective shield with just one pull to the trigger. And triple your fire power with the select-a-shot feature that allows you to shoot up to three rounds of ammo at a time. The Savage Shield shoots up to 100 feet and up to 75 rounds per minute. Comes with 150 rounds of ammo. Xploderz patented ammo system allows you to grow your own ammo for unlimited play.

  • • 1 Savage Shield Blaster
  • • 1 Xploderz Ammo Clip – holds 75 rounds
  • • 150 Xploderz Ammo Refills
  • • Ready to fire rounds in Ammo Clip