H2 Grow Technology

The secret behind XploderzTM

H2Grow Ammo Technology is a polymer and water-based system that creates an ammo strong enough to fire huge distances and yet soft enough to disintegrate on impact. Since the Ammo is 99.9% water, it is completely safe. The Ammo consists of super absorbent polymers that can absorb more than 150 times their volume in water. The water is absorbed into the spaces between the molecules.

Did you know?

Super absorbent polymers were originally developed by the Department of Agriculture in the 1960s to reduce water usage and prevent droughts. The same technology is used today in diapers, flower products, environmental cleanup and food packaging.

h2grow new xsell

Make your own Xploderz Ammo in two ways:

In the Ammo Clip (Available with XBlaster 200 and Face Off 400)

Ammo Clip Grow

Watch how to grow your ammo in the Ammo Clip here:
In the Ammo Depot (Available with XStormer 1000 and XRanger 2000)

loading ammo depot

Watch how to grow your ammo in the Ammo Depot here: