Tips on Shooting and Maintaining your Xploderz blaster:

  • Remember to pull back the reload knob each time before firing.
  • After each use, remove clip and return any unused ammo in the Ammo clip to the Ammo Depot.
  • Fire your Xploderz blaster several times without the clip attached to remove any rounds in the chamber.
  • Clean clip and Xploderz blaster with a cloth and drain until dry to maintain maximum level of performance.


Is Xploderz ammo safe?
Xploderz are tested against internationally recognized toy industry standards and are safe for ages 8 and above. To avoid potential injury Xploderz should not be fired at face or eyes.

Is it safe to eat Xploderz Ammo?
Do not eat Xploderz Ammo. The Ammo is non-toxic and should pass through the digestive system without causing any harm. It is, however, considered a small part, and does pose a choking hazard. If a substantial number of Xploderz Ammo are swallowed, seek immediate medical attention.

How do you dispose of Xploderz Ammo?
Throw the ammo in the trash, or better still, crush it into the garden soil. Do not dispose of Ammo in a drain. Superabsorbent polymers were developed by the Department of Agriculture in the 1960s to conserve water and keep crops moist in times of drought. They are planted under the sod in golf course to reduce water use. You too can save water by working your spent Ammo into the soil.

Does Xploderz Ammo stain?
No. It does not stain clothing, carpeting or any other fabric.

I am having trouble attaching my ammo magazine to my Xploderz? What should I do?
Take a look at the instructional videos. Note that the side of the clip and the side of the Xploderz blaster has a triangle marking which should be lined up before sliding clip back in the housing.

The ammo is stuck in my Xploderz blaster – how do I release it?

  • Remove the clip from your Xploderz blaster.
  • Clear any broken ammo from the clip and the clip receiver on top of the Xploderz blaster.
  • Fire the blaster 8-12 times to release any ammo from the chamber.
  • Re-install clip with fresh ammo and fire your Xploderz blaster.
  • If still not firing repeat above steps and install an empty clip full of water onto your Xploderz blaster
    "(you will need to do this quickly as the water will drain from the clip)".
  • Fire your Xploderz blaster with the water-filled clip until it is cleared out.
  • Re-install clip with fresh ammo and fire your Xploderz blaster.

My Xploderz blaster isn’t firing correctly, the shooting distance is poor.

  • Remember to pull the reload knob back each time you fire.
  • Check loading and firing techniques. Do not point Xploderz blasters continuously towards the ground when firing — the ammo will not fire properly.

How long does it take to grow the ammo?
About four hours—the warmer the water the faster it grows. To prevent burns, we do not recommend hot or boiling water.

What is Xploderz Ammo made of?
It is a superabsorbent polymer made of acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, water, and color pigment. It is non-toxic.

How does Xploderz Ammo grow?
The ammo is a superabsorbent polymer. It consists of many cross-linked molecules bonded together. Water is absorbed into the spaces between the molecules.

Can I use the same Ammo Clip for all the blasters?

Can the Ammo be reused?
No, once you have fired your ammo it cannot be reinserted in your Xploderz blaster.

My Ammo does not seem to be growing. What should I do?

  • Make sure you leave it to grow for at least four hours. The purer the water the larger the ammo grows.
  • If Ammo appears sticky or undersized, rehydrate ammo for 15 minutes.

My Ammo is stuck in the Ammo Clip. What should I do?
This could mean that your Ammo is too big. Leave it in the sun for a few hours to dehyrdate or ask an adult to blow dry the ammo clip for 3 – 5 minutes.

Can I use Orbeez in my Xploderz blaster? No, Orbeez and Xploderz Ammo are formulated differently. Using Orbeez as Xploderz ammo will cause jamming.